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Brazilian Furniture Makes an Impression in Middle East PDF Print E-mail
2004 - October 2004
Written by Alexandre Rocha   
Monday, 04 October 2004 20:24

Index, the largest furniture and decoration trade show in the Middle East, has rendered 1,068 trade contracts for the 35 participant Brazilian companies and business expectations worth US$ 7.75 million for the next 12 months. This figure is 72% greater than last year's, which was of US$ 4.5 million.

Brazil's Electronic Ballot Spreads Throughout Latin America PDF Print E-mail
2004 - October 2004
Written by Daniel Dutra   
Monday, 04 October 2004 19:45

The election coordenator of the Unit for the Promotion of Democracy at the Organization of American States (OAS), Santiago Murray, says that the Brazilian electronic voting system (called urnas eletrônicas in Portuguese) will be used in more Latin American nations.

Brazil Studies Harmful Radiation in Airplanes PDF Print E-mail
2004 - October 2004
Written by Nielmar de Oliveira   
Monday, 04 October 2004 19:21

An unprecedented study conducted by the Brazilian Air Force's Center for Aerospace Medicine (Cemal) is evaluating whether aircraft cabins may be receiving a very large quantity of radiation.

Brazil's Industrial Capacity Nearing Its Limit PDF Print E-mail
2004 - October 2004
Written by Stenio Ribeiro   
Monday, 04 October 2004 13:41

Brazilian market analysts and financial consultants interviewed last week by Brazil's Central Bank expressed growing optimism over this year's growth in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Left Gets a Boost in Brazil's Election PDF Print E-mail
2004 - October 2004
Written by Juliana Andrade   
Monday, 04 October 2004 12:57

According to the partial results announced by Brazil's Federal Electoral Court (TSE), parties on the Left showed strength in yesterday's first round of municipal elections in Brazil.

Women Candidates Still Few in Brazil PDF Print E-mail
2004 - October 2004
Written by Graziela Sant'Anna   
Monday, 04 October 2004 12:42

Despite the existence in Brazil of quotas which oblige political parties to reserve at least 30% of their candidacies for women in the case of proportional elections, this quota is not met.

Serra on Brazil Elections: 'No Dirty Tricks!' PDF Print E-mail
2004 - October 2004
Written by Mylena Fiori   
Monday, 04 October 2004 12:05

The vote count in São Paulo, the country's largest electoral district, with 7,771,503 eligible voters, is practically over. According to the Federal Electoral Court (TSE), 99.97% of the capital's 17,005 polling precincts have already been tallied.

Unesco Applauds Brazil on Child Labor Effort PDF Print E-mail
2004 - October 2004
Written by Agência Brasil   
Monday, 04 October 2004 11:13

Brazil is on the right track for resolving the country's nearly chronic child labor problem. According to the representative of Unesco in Brazil, Jorge Werthin, the government is adopting strong measures and creating well-formulated and efficient programs to resolve the problem.

3.8 Million Kids Still Working in Brazil PDF Print E-mail
2004 - October 2004
Written by Lilian Macedo   
Monday, 04 October 2004 11:11

Child labor has declined in the Brazil by 1%, on the average, between 2002 and 2003. This is one of the findings contained in the National Household Sample Survey (Pnad) from the IBGE (Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística—Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics) released last week.

Brazil's Zero Hunger Goal for 2005: 8.7 Million Families PDF Print E-mail
2004 - October 2004
Written by Ana Paula Marra   
Monday, 04 October 2004 10:45

At a meeting, last September 30, between Brazil's President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and Ministers in the social area, the government defined next year's goals for the food security and income redistribution programs.

Brazil Sees Bad Faith in EU's Proposal PDF Print E-mail
2004 - October 2004
Written by Newsroom   
Monday, 04 October 2004 09:29

The new European Union proposal with regard to "market access," received on September 29th by the Itamaraty (the Brazilian Foreign Office), was a bucket of cold water to the Mercosur negotiators who are working for the signature of a free trade agreement between both blocs.

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